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6/7/14, "The Garbage Man" 

Barclay's Smart Investor, Resource Depletion, "You See Garbage, We See Above Ground Mines"

Guardian: "What Plastics can Learn from Steel in a Circular Economy"

Future by Semcon: 12/1/12, "Mike Biddle knows how to recycle plastic - Q&A with a plastic expert"

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Marc Gunther:  "Can a Libertarian be an Environmentalist"

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Guardian:  "Why Plastic is still the 'Last Frontier' of Recycling

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Scrap Magazine: 7/1/11, "Recycling More of the Car"
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Red Herring: World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer Award
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Plastic News: 9/23/10, "Plastics Recycler MBA Wins Economist Award"
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